Unsolicited Advice #1

I was standing in line the other day at my local Starbucks, waiting to order. There was an older lady in front of me and ahead of her was a young girl. You could say that this young girl was of a plus size but I would never of really paid attention if it hadn’t been for the older womans comments to me. Now, within my family there is a long standing joke of how my Dad and I somehow manage to have random people strike up conversations with us. For example, my Dad once had a half hour conversation with a man who decided to tell my Dad all about his life. The man said that he was from West Virginia and he makes chop sticks for a living. He was here in Vancouver to check out wood for his factory. They then continued to chat about the best wood, with my Dad chiming in on different wood types in the area. My mom and I were sitting at a table waiting for Dad to join us with his coffee. We could not figure out what they could possibly be chatting about and we were hysterical when he told us. So it’s well known that we are stranger magnets. But back to my story. As the young girl placed her order for a tall hot chocolate with extra whip, the older lady turned to me and loudly said “That young girl could do without that extra whip!” I froze. Many things went through my mind (run, look at my feet, run) but I chose to just stare, hoping she was just a little senile. But then she launched into a story about something she’d heard on CBC radio and obesity in children. Ah, now we were getting to the heart of the matter. This lonely woman had been sitting at home, listening to CBC alone, and now she was out and about trying to strike up some conversation about something current. I felt conflicted. On the one hand, I felt that she was being extremely rude but on the other hand she was trying to have some human interaction. So I guess that you’re wondering what I did in the situation? Well, I considered pretending I didn’t hear her but I figured that by now, everyone thought that we were together. And the young girl had left and had never heard our conversation so I simply replied “I think that everyone deserves a little hot chocolate with extra whip once in a while.”

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